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Term name



The name of the lowest or terminal infraspecific epithet of the scientificName, excluding any rank designation.

Apple Core




  • Provide name for the lowest rank.
  • this does mean some information will be lost (see example #1)

[KCP: is there no way to create more terms called "intraspecificEpithet1" and "intraspecificEpithet2" to capture the full name?]

[KCP: should the following be included? if yes, we need to find good examples and give recommendations what to do here: Losing information, find examples!

  • If you use all the fields, but not scientificName, there are examples where you cannot differentiate between two names: e.g. the same variety with the same author is used in two subspecies and they mean something different: genusA speciesA subspeciesA varietyA varietyauthorA ≠ genusA speciesA subspeciesB varietyA varietyauthorA
  • If you use all the fields, including scientificName, there might be an example where the same species and author are used in two different genera (with the same name. diff. authors), and they mean something different: genusA genusauthorA speciesA speciesauthorA ≠ genusA genusauthorB speciesA speciesauthorA]

Controlled vocabulary


Usage examples

Usage examples

Example # scientificName kingdom family genus subgenus specificEpithet intraspecificEpithet taxonRank scientificNameAuthorship
1 Senecio fuchsii C.C.Gmel. subsp. fuchsii var. expansus (Boiss. & Heldr.) Hayek Plantae Asteraceae Senecio fuchsii expansus variety (Boiss. & Heldr.) Hayek
2 Cryptomeria japonica 'Elegans' Plantae Taxodiaceae Cryptomeria japonica cultivar
3 Pyrocrataegus ×willei L.L.Daniel Plantae Rosaceae Pyrocrataegus ×willei nothospecies/species? L.L.Daniel
4 Agrostis stolonifera L. × Polypogon monspeliensis (L.) Desf. Plantae Poaceae ?  ? hybridFormula?
5 Asplenium rhizophyllum × ruta-muraria Plantae Aspleniaceae Asplenium hybridFormula?
6 Mentha aquatica L. × M. arvensis L. × M. spicata L. Plantae Example Mentha hybridFormula?
7 Maxillaria sect. Multiflorae Christenson Plantae Orchidaceae Maxillaria section Christenson
8 Amaranthus subgenus Albersia (Kunth) Grenier & Godron Plantae Amaranthaceae Amaranthus Amaranthus subgenus Albersia (Kunth) Grenier & Godron
9 Amaranthus albus Linnaeus Plantae Amaranthaceae Amaranthus Amaranthus subgenus Albersia albus species Linnaeus
10 Amanita muscaria Fungi Amanitaceae Agaricus muscaria species (L.) Pers.
11 Achnanthidium minutissimum Protista Achnanthidiaceae Achnanthidium minutisssimum species (Kützing) Czarnecki

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