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Term name



The full, unabbreviated name of the next smaller administrative region than stateProvince (county, shire, department, etc.) in which the Location occurs.

Apple Core


As Applicable


  • Use controlled vocabulary (see link below)
  • Use your internal controlled vocabulary (own language)
  • Use verbatim

Controlled vocabulary

  • Use this controlled vocabulary:

For smaller subdivisions (i.e. county, canton, department, region, etc.) use a local gazetteer or use the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic names at:

Usage examples

Note: If the region is recorded on the label as abbreviated name, spell it out. If the region is recorded in a foreign language, do not translate but use the name as recorded as in the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic names or use a local gazetteer for reference. If you can't find the region in the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic names or a local gazetteer, leave the "county" field blank, but make sure to enter the original verbatim data in the verbatimLocality field. [KCP: this is my wording, may need to be revised]

Example stateProvince county municipality
Île-du-Prince-Édouard, Canada Prince Edward Island
PA, USA Pennsylvania
USA, Bedford, MA, Middlesex County Massachusetts Middlesex County Bedford
Bamberg, Ufr., Bayern, Deutschland Bavaria Unterfranken Bamberg
Région Centre Val de Loire, France Centre Val de Loire
Loire, France
Provincia de Salamanca, España Salamanca
Salamanca, España

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